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All products within 200 USD
Products from $ 200 to $ 300 on the website
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After placing the order, the actual payment amount of the order is more than 300 US dollars and a male wallet is given away.

After placing the order, the actual payment amount of the order is more than 1,000 dollars and a bag worth $ 350 is given.

Available discounts.

$ 70 discount on orders over $ 345.

(Orders over $345 will be available.)$70 Coupon code: welcome

$ 120 discount on orders over $ 580.

(Orders over $580 will be available.)$120 Coupon code: shopping

The more you buy, the cheaper the price. 

Note:(1)Please note that the above conditions must be met for the discount code to be available. Otherwise, the promotion code error will be displayed.

(2) If you did not use a discount when paying. you did the full payment. do not worry. We will pick the right gift according to the discounted amount of the discount and send it to you along with the merchandise. Be sure to make you satisfied. Thank you.

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